Ethan Joyce

Multimedia Director & Vocalist

Ethan Joyce


  • Multimedia Production for Worship
  • Vocal Performance and Choir Direction
  • Digital Content Creation and Social Media Strategy


  • B.S. in Digital Media Production, University of Southern California
  • Certificate in Vocal Performance, Berklee College of Music Online


  • Ethan Joyce combines his passion for media and music to enhance worship experiences through innovative multimedia presentations.
  • He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production from the University of Southern California and a professional certificate in Vocal Performance from Berklee College of Music Online.
  • Known for his strategic use of digital platforms to engage church communities, Ethan has successfully expanded the digital footprint of his church through engaging content and dynamic worship broadcasts.


As the Multimedia Director at his local church, Ethan oversees the production of all digital content, including live worship broadcasts, promotional videos, and social media campaigns. His expertise ensures that the church’s message reaches a broad audience, enhancing the community’s engagement both online and offline.

Ethan leads the church choir, applying his vocal expertise to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive singing community. He regularly arranges music and directs performances that complement the church’s diverse worship services.

Beyond his roles within the church, Ethan collaborates with other worship communities to host webinars and workshops on effectively integrating technology in worship settings, helping other churches to thrive in a digital age.

Personal Life

Ethan is all about empowering the youth with digital skills in his spare time. He’s also quite the night-sky enthusiast, running a YouTube channel where he connects the dots between the cosmos and spirituality.

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