About Us

What Is WorshipChords?

WorshipChords is a community of worship leaders and musicians who all contribute to a collection of today’s most popular worship songs. This website is organized for easy access with worship leaders and team/band musicians in mind. Once you register your membership, you’ll get immediate access to all the songs in the website.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower worship leaders and musicians by providing immediate access to an extensive collection of worship song resources, thus enhancing worship sessions and musical gatherings. We strive to support our community through meticulous attention to detail in our offerings, ensuring that each resource facilitates a deeper connection to music and worship.

Our Story

Thanks to the WorshipChords community, all the songs and their resources have been compiled and approved by worship leaders who are members of WorshipChords, at the request of other members. WorshipChords has grown over time, supported by a network of worship leaders who continuously contribute and refine our offerings.

Who We Are

Our team is composed of dedicated worship leaders, musicians, and technical experts who share a deep commitment to enhancing worship experiences. Each member brings a unique background in music and worship leadership, contributing to the rich tapestry of our community.

Our Responsibility

At WorshipChords, editorial integrity is paramount. We are proud of the accuracy provided by constant attention from our community of worship leaders, though we cannot guarantee perfection on the first try (though we get pretty darn close), and welcome any fixes or additions. Every song has a section at the bottom to leave us a note if you believe something was posted in error. A worship leader from our staff will review your message right away and make the appropriate fixes.

Editorial Staff

Our dedicated team of worship leaders and musicians brings a wealth of experience and passion to the chords and resources you’ll find here. Each member of our editorial staff is deeply rooted in music ministry and offers a unique blend of expertise to ensure the accuracy and spiritual integrity of our content. From seasoned worship pastors to skilled volunteers from diverse backgrounds, our team is committed to serving both the local church and the global worship community. You can learn more about each of our team members by exploring their profiles below. Whether you’re a musician, worship leader, pastor, ministry volunteer, or general worship enthusiast, our staff is here to support your journey.

Michaela Bishop
Jonah Stevens
Clara Gibson
Timothy Norris
Lydia Hart
Nathanial Crowe
Sofia Moreno
Lucas Barnett
Hannah Sweeney
Ethan Joyce

Connect With Us

We warmly invite you to join our community and start exploring the depth of resources available. Engage with us through our platform, participate in community discussions, or request new songs. Your involvement helps us grow and enrich the experience for all. New songs are released on WorshipChords regularly by our wonderful community of worship leaders who are always helping each other out. We’d love for you to join us today.

What are the system requirements for my computer?

WorshipChords is supported on just about anything – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, Mobile Chrome, iPhone and Android. Depending on your device, it may also work on Windows Phone and Blackberry. We do not guarantee full functionality on Internet Explorer, as only 10% of the world is still in the dark ages with it :-)

How often are new songs released?

All the time! New songs are released on WorshipChords regularly by our wonderful community of worship leaders who are always helping each other out. We’d love for you to join us today.

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