Hannah Sweeney

Youth Worship Leader & Guitarist

Hannah Sweeney


  • Youth Ministry and Engagement
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar Performance
  • Worship Song Adaptation for Youth


  • B.A. in Youth Ministry, Liberty University
  • Associate Degree in Music Performance, Los Angeles College of Music


  • Hannah Sweeney excels in connecting with young audiences through music, using her skills to inspire and mentor the next generation of worship leaders.
  • She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry from Liberty University and an Associate degree in Music Performance from the Los Angeles College of Music.
  • Hannah has developed a series of worship workshops specifically tailored for teens, focusing on music, faith, and leadership.


As a Youth Worship Leader, Hannah is dedicated to creating a vibrant and engaging worship experience that resonates with teenagers. Her approach combines contemporary Christian music with dynamic teachings to help young people explore their faith.

Hannah leads a youth band, arranging and adapting worship songs to suit young voices and instruments, making each service both accessible and spiritually impactful. She works closely with church leadership to ensure that the youth ministry aligns with the church’s overall vision while also catering to the unique needs of younger congregants.

Her commitment to youth engagement extends beyond music; Hannah organizes annual youth retreats and mission trips, providing opportunities for teens to serve and grow in their faith. These activities are designed to deepen their spiritual journey and foster a strong community among the youth.

Personal Life

Hannah’s a champion for mental health, especially for the youth. She uses her free time to help out where she can and loves hitting the trails with her camera, often bringing along a few teens to chat and mentor in a relaxed setting.

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