Jonah Stevens

Contemporary Keyboardist & Worship Music Director

Jonah Stevens


  • Keyboard Performance and Arrangement
  • Music Production and Technology
  • Worship Team Leadership


  • B.A. in Music Technology, Berklee College of Music
  • M.A. in Worship Studies, Grand Canyon University


  • Jonah Stevens is renowned for his innovative approach to worship music, combining cutting-edge music technology with traditional worship elements.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s in Worship Studies from Grand Canyon University, bringing a blend of technical skill and deep theological understanding to his work.
  • Featured guest at various international worship music seminars and technology in worship workshops.


Jonah has significantly impacted the worship scene with his fresh approach to music direction. By integrating digital synthesizers and sampling into live worship settings, he has helped bridge the gap between contemporary music styles and traditional worship formats. His work emphasizes creating immersive worship experiences that engage both young and older congregants alike.

At his current role as a Music Director at a large urban church, Jonah oversees all aspects of music production, from arranging to live performance. He works closely with worship leaders and pastors to ensure that the music ministry aligns with the church’s vision and theological commitments. His strategic use of digital music tools has made the church’s worship services accessible to a broader audience, facilitating a vibrant and inclusive worship atmosphere.

Jonah also consults for churches looking to modernize their music departments. He provides training for worship teams on using digital music software and hardware, enhancing their musical performances while maintaining theological integrity in their worship practices.

Personal Life

When Jonah’s not jamming or tweaking knobs on the latest audio gear, he’s deep into books on theology or the latest philosophy trends. He’s always on a quest to blend deep thoughts with deep beats.

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