Lucas Barnett

Contemporary Worship Leader & Songwriter

Lucas Barnett


  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Contemporary Christian Music Performance
  • Worship Service Creativity and Planning


  • B.A. in Contemporary Music, Belmont University
  • Advanced Songwriting Certificate, Nashville Songwriters Association International


  • Lucas Barnett is renowned for his innovative approach to contemporary worship music and engaging live performances.
  • He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Music from Belmont University and an advanced certificate in Songwriting from the Nashville Songwriters Association International.
  • Lucas has composed numerous worship songs that are widely used in churches across the country and has received several awards for his contributions to Christian music.


Lucas leads worship at a dynamic community church where he integrates modern music styles with traditional worship elements to create uplifting and spiritually enriching experiences. His role involves curating music sets, composing original worship songs, and collaborating with other artists and musicians to enhance worship services.

He organizes regular songwriting workshops for aspiring musicians within the church, fostering a community of creative expression and mutual inspiration. Lucas is particularly adept at translating scriptural themes into poignant lyrics and melodies that resonate with diverse congregations.

Additionally, Lucas collaborates with local and international missions to bring music and worship into underserved areas, believing in the power of music to heal and unite communities.

Personal Life

Lucas is your typical outdoorsy type who also happens to write songs. He spends part of his time helping out at the local animal shelter because he believes kindness is key. You might catch him sharing some life and music insights online when he’s not hiking or running.

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