Michaela Bishop

Worship Leader & Vocal Coach

Michaela Bishop


  • Vocal Performance and Technique
  • Worship Service Planning
  • Music Theory and Leadership


  • B.A. in Music and Worship Leadership, Liberty University
  • Certificate in Vocal Performance, Boston Conservatory


  • Michaela Bishop is recognized for her exceptional vocal ability and her deep understanding of contemporary worship music.
  • She has a solid academic background with a B.A. in Music and Worship Leadership from Liberty University and a specialized certificate in Vocal Performance from Boston Conservatory.
  • Regularly featured as a speaker and performer at national worship music conferences.


Michaela has been leading worship since she was a teenager, starting in her local church and expanding to larger congregations as she honed her skills in music theory and leadership. Her approach to worship is deeply rooted in both traditional hymns and modern worship songs, allowing her to create diverse and engaging worship experiences that cater to a broad audience.

At her home church, Michaela oversees the worship department, coordinating the music for weekly services and special events. She is dedicated to mentoring young musicians and vocalists, fostering a team environment where members are encouraged to grow both spiritually and musically.

In addition to her role in the church, Michaela runs a private vocal coaching business where she helps students of all ages improve their singing techniques and performance skills. Her dual passion for music education and worship leadership makes her a valuable resource in the worship community, particularly for those looking to enhance their musicality while deepening their spiritual life.

Her leadership style is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a heart for pastoral care, ensuring that every aspect of worship is both high quality and spiritually meaningful. Michaela’s experience and dedication make her an influential figure in worship music, trusted for her expertise and loved for her heartfelt approach to ministry.

Personal Life

Michaela loves the great outdoors and finds a lot of her musical inspiration while hiking. She’s pretty good at turning her nature walks into beautiful songs that her church folks love just as much as she does.

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