Friend Of The Poor Chords (Transposable):

Am7 F

Verse 1
On the African plains
A young mother weeps for her hungry child she prays he'll survive
Am7 F
With tear-filled eyes, she looks up to heaven and calls your name
no chords
She pours out her pain

G D/F# F
You know her name, and you hear her cries

Friend of the poor, help me through the night
Dm7 F
Help me in the fight, come to my rescue
Friend of the poor, take these skin and bones
Dm7 Bb F
Give this heart a home, come to my rescue
Am7 F
Friend of the poor

Verse 2
On the streets of L.A.
An old man lies in his cardboard home, he feels so alone
With tear-stained eyes, He looks up to heaven
And prays a prayer, is anyone there
no chords
You know his name, and you hear his cries

Em Em7
It's getting dark, it's getting late
F Am Dm7
It's cold outside the rich man's gate
C/E Esus4 E
And I'm wondering do you have any friends around here

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