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Light Of The World (Sing Hallelujah) Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Bm     G         A       Bm  

Bm           G     A       Bm
Light of the world, treasure of Heaven
Bm                 G           A    Bm
Brilliant like the stars in the wintery sky
D/F#       G       A                 Bm
Joy of the Father, reach through the darkness
Bm               G              A          Bm    G A
Shine across the earth, send the shadows to flight

Bm           G    A          Bm
Light of the World from the beginning
    Bm           G           A              Bm
The tragedies of time were no match for Your love
     D/F#             G      A          Bm
From great heights of glory, You saw my story
Bm             G       A           G
God You entered in and became one of us

D              A/C#  Bm            A 
Sing Hallelujah,     sing Hallelujah
G                       D             A  
Sing Hallelujah for the things He has done
D                 A/C#  Bm                A
Come and adore Him,     bow down before Him
G                      D            A  
Sing Hallelujah to the Light of the World

Bm     G       A       Bm                                 

Bm           G      A          Bm
Light of the world, crown in a manger
Bm           G         A          Bm
Born for the cross, to suffer, to save
D/F#         G      C#m/A#       Bm
High King of Heaven, death is the poorer
Bm         G             A             G
We are the richer by the price that He paid



Bm           G     A           Bm
Light of the world, soon will be coming
Bm               G         A         Bm
With fire in His eyes, He will ransom His own
        D/F#           G        C#m/A#       Bm
Through clouds He will lead us, straight into glory
    Bm             G   A      G
And there He shall reign,  forevermore


Bm     G       A       Bm      
Bm     G       A       D

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