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"All the worship resources I need, in one place..."

I've had 24/7 access to all the worship resources I could need, in one place. That means I don't have to spend my time and energy looking everywhere else for song chords and tutorials.

On top of that, I'm no longer burnt out from the song research, setlist preparation, team coordination, and overall weekly logistics, because WorshipChords takes care of most of it for me.

Today, planning goes way faster because I'm not distracted anymore by the menial tasks that used to really frustrate me. I'm totally freed up to actually do the work of leading, and give my service to what matters most.

My job is now 10x easier, but more importantly, 10x more focused. That's definitely a huge win, not just for me, but also for everyone affected by my ministry. The same goes for my team.

It really feels so good to enjoy the process again. I'm finally back to just doing what I was called to in the first place, and that's to become the best worship leader I can be.

I'm forever grateful. Thank you so much!

Amy King
Worship Leader