Unchanging One Chords


Unchanging One Chords (Transposable):

Em Am Em C

Verse 1
Em Am Em
I looked for love in every situation
C Em Am
For something, someone that would last a life
Em C
A love that never dies and I find

G D/F# Em
You know when I wake, when I rise, when I pray
When I curse You and You love me the same
You know when I stumble and fall
C A B Em C
And You're there through it all the only unchanging one

Verse 2
Em Am Em C
I looked for faith on the edge of my roof no fear, daddy's here
Am Em
Still I struggle to trust You with the rest of my life
When I could just fly

Am B C Em D Am B C G D/F# Em Am
Em C
I looked for God

G D/F#
You know my inmost being
Em C
You know my deepest scars
G D/F#
You know my darkest secrets
Em C
You know and You love and You love