All My Worship Chords


All My Worship Chords (Transposable):

E A/C# Bsus E
I've come here again to meet You in this place
E A/C# Bsus E
Not just to sing aloud these songs that give You praise
F#m7 E Bsus E
But I've come this to bring You something real
F#m7 E Bsus
And I've come here now to bring You something
B7 E
All my worship

A Bsus
All of me I surrender
F#m7 E/G#
Everything to you
A Bsus E
All I am and all that I am to become
A Bsus
All my worship and all my praise
F#m7 E/G#
All my love to you I give
A E/G#
All my life and all my dreams
F#m7 E
I surrender, I surrender all my worship

All my worship all my worship
F#m E
All my worship all of me, all of me
A F#m E
All my worship all my worship