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Awake Awake O Church Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
A Am7sus4
Awake, awake, O church, come clothe yourself with strength
Put on Your robes of splendour and of joy again
G Am7sus4
Shake off the dust that clings, rise up and sit enthroned
And free yourself from chains that keep on hindering

D/F# Em C2
And as for me, I'm taking off my shoes
Em C2 Em
This is holy ground I'm standing on
C2 D Dsus4 D
I'm kicking off my shoes for this will be the ground I dance upon

G C G C Am7sus4 G/B C D
Isn't it to celebrate, sing those songs, sing those songs
G C G C Am7sus4 G/B C D
Isn't it to shout them out, shout them loud, shout them loud
Am7sus4 G/B C
I'm shaking off the dust, I'm kicking off my shoes
D Am7sus4
I'm giving all I have to worship You
G/B C2
The fire in my heart is burning through the chains
D Dsus4 D
It's to praise like we've never praised

Verse 2
G Am7sus4
We'll look to what's ahead, forget what is behind
Press on towards the goal, that we might win the prize
G Am7sus4
We'll persevere in faith, abandoned to Your praise
Fill every with passion, as our voices rise

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