Death Where Is Your Sting Chords

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Death Where Is Your Sting Chords / Audio (Transposable):

F2/C   Am   Gsus   Gsus     

Verse 1
    F2/C              Am                 Gsus  G
For God so loved the world, He gave His Son
   F2/C               Am               Gsus  G 
To bear the weight of sin, He bled for us
     F2/C               Am              Gsus  G
From Heaven's highest place, He took a fall
    F2/C                Am                 Gsus  G
And there was just one life, laid down for all

Death, where is your sting
Grave, where is your victory
       Am          F
He's alive, He's alive
He is risen

Verse 2
  F2                Am                Gsus  G
Behold the vacant tomb that held our Lord
      F2               Am                  Gsus  G
That grave became the stage for Heaven's glory
      F2              Am            Gsus  G
And behold the Risen King in open skies
   F2           Am                 Gsus  G
He is the Resurrection, He is the life


C/E  Am               F2     
 No weapon formed against us will prosper
C5                         G      
 The gates of hell won't stand
C/E  Am                        F2 
 Your Church will rise from glory to glory
C5               G       Gsus  G    
 In the name of Jesus




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