Don’t Pass Us By Chords


Don’t Pass Us By Chords (Transposable):

C G/B Am7

Verse 1
G C G/B Am7 G
And the Lord said, If my people
C G/B Am7 G
Who are called by My name would
C G/B Am7 G C
Humble themselves and pray and turn away
G/B Am7 G C G/B Am7 G
From their wicked ways I will come
C G/B Am7 G C G/B Am7 G
To heal their land if My people pray
C G/B Am7 G
If my peo - ple would pray.

Bm7 E
Broken hearts would be healed
Bm7 A
Empty souls would be filled
Bm7 C
Oh, the blind man could see,
Bm7 D
The lame one could walk
The people would be free
Bm7 E
Oh the passion restored
Bm7 A
Alive to Jesus and dead to this world.
Bm7 D Bm7 C
Lord, lift up our eyes, Holy Spirit come
C G/B Am7
And Lord don't pass us by

Verse 2
G C G/B Am7 G
And the Lord said, Climb the mountain, child
C G/B Am7 G
Seek My face with your heart.
C G/B Am7 G C G/B Am7 G
Oh, weep and cry to be set apart.
C G/B Am7 G C G/B
I'll pour My Spirit raining down
Am7 G C G/B
Breaking hearts that are hard and bound
Am7 G C G/B
If my people who know my ways
Am7 G
Would fall to their face and pray.

Lord, don't pass us by.
Em Am7 C D2 Em Am7 C D2

Bm7 E Asus
Heal the sick, and feed the poor
C2 D2
Oh, clothe the naked, see the wicked be saved
Bm7 E Asus C2 D2
When you pray, if we'd pray

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