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Hymn Of Heaven Chords / Audio (Transposable):

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      E       E               E 
How I long to breathe the air of Heaven
              C#m      A               B B
Where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets
          E/G#      A            E    B/D# C#m
To look upon the One who bled to save me
              A      B    E  E E
And walk with Him for all eternity

                A       B           E 
There will be a day when all will bow before Him
           E/G# A       C#m             B 
There will be a day when death will be no more
         E/G#    A        B            E    E/G# A 
Standing face to face with He who died and rose again
      B        E    E E 
Holy, holy is the Lord

E E/G# A C#m B

          E         E            E 
And every prayer we prayed in desperation
    B/D#     C#m      A                     B B
The songs of faith we sang through doubt and fear
       E/G#       A              E     B/D# C#m
In the end, we'll see that it was worth it
          A       B          E    A/E E
When He returns to wipe away our tears


            E       E          E 
And on that day, we join the resurrection
    B       C#m       A            B 
And stand beside the heroes of the faith
         E/G#     A            E   B/D# C#m B
With one voice, a thousand generations
       A            B         E  C#m E/G# 
Sing, worthy is the Lamb who was slain
    A    B      E   E E      
 Forever He shall reign 

          E/G# A     B              E 
So let it be today we shout the hymn of Heaven
            E/G#    A         C#m            B 
With angels and the saints, we raise a mighty roar
      E/G#   A      B           E    E/G# A 
Glory to our God who gave us life beyond the grave
      B        E  C#m E/G#      
Holy, holy is the Lord

A    B        C#m E/G# A     B           E 
Holy, holy is the Lord,    holy, holy is the Lord

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