Everything Impossible Chords


Everything Impossible Chords (Transposable):

F G Am

Verse 1
F G Am C F
I was taught to be practical in ev'rything I do
G Am G F
Holding on to what is tangible and then came You
G Am C F
That's when I found myself so far away from ev'rything I knew
G Em Em G Am G F
I took a leap of faith
C/E G Am G F
Even though You're difficult for me to explain
Dm C/E
I know I'll never be the same

F2 F C C G
You're ev'rything I cannot see You're ev'rything I cannot say
Dm9 Dm9 C
I know it all seems so illogical but that's okay
F2 C G
You're the love You give to me You're the love I give away
Dm9 F G Am
'Cause You are ev'rything impossible
F G Am C F G Am G
And that's okay that's okay
F2 C G Dm9 Bb
And that's okay yeah, and that's okay
[No chords]
And that's okay
F2 C G Dm9 F2
And that's o - kay that's okay

Verse 2
F G Am C F
All the things that make no sense to me draw me to You
G Am G F
Like finding freedom by surrendering can it be true
G Am
With ev'rything I can and cannot know
C F G Em Em G Am G F
This mystery is bringing life to me
C/E G Am G F
And all this love I have for You I can't contain
Dm C/E
I know I'll never be the same

F Am7 C G Bb
What's so hard to understand what I cannot comprehend
F F G Am Am C F G Am G
Is that You love me the way I am

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