My Heart Will Fly Chords


My Heart Will Fly Chords (Transposable):

D Dsus2 Dsus D G A G G A G

Verse 1
D Dsus2 Dsus D
Why this happened, I cannot expl-ain
A Bm7 1
Why write the script with such heartache and pain
Could there not have been an easier way
D Dsus2 Dsus D
Watching life through this glass so fad-ed
A Bm7
I cannot see the bigger picture taking place
Oh, to understand one day

D A Bm7 Bm G G
And my heart will fly when I fin'lly see You face to face
D A Bm7 Bm G G D Dsus2
And my tears will fly away, aw - ay
Dsus D G G D Dsus 2
And my heart will fly away

D Dsus2 Dsus D G

Verse 2
D Dsus2 Dsus D A
It won't be long 'til we all go ho -me with all things revealed
And on that day we'll fin'lly know
Oh, as we are fully known

G A Bm D/F# G
And what appears as incomplete is still completely Yours
A Bm
And one day we'll see as we've been seen
D A Bm G
And we'll so - ar

Dsus D G A G G A G G A G/B A/C# G A G/B A G

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