Forever And Ever Chords


Forever And Ever Chords (Transposable):

F2 F2 A
Jesus, who died, who was raised to life,
Bb2 Bb2 D C
Who sits at the right of the Fa - ther,
F2 F2 A
Who now intercedes there for you and me,
Eb Gm7 Bb C C7sus A/C#
Is worthy of glory and hon - or,
C D Dm C D Dm C Bb Bb C Bb Bb
Pow - er and riches, wis - dom and might,
F G Gm F G Gm F G F C C A/C# C D Dm C D Dm
Hon - or and glory and blessing, belong to the Lamb,
C Bb Bb C Bb Bb Gm7 Am7 Bb C7sus
The Lord, Je - sus Christ, Who reigns on the throne

C7sus F Dm7 Bb Gm7 C7sus
Forever and ever, forever and ever.

You reign!