Give My Life To You Chords

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Give My Life To You Chords (Transposable):

I can hear you
C/E                F
You're calling my name
     F        G          Am
The ocean between us erased

And salvation
C/E              F
Pours down like rain
F            G                 F   Am   G   F   Am   G   F
Flooding my walls 'till I break

          G       Am       
I give my life to You
    G/B  C
My heart to You
You're all I need
          Am      F
Come and make me new

Verse 2:
I abandon
The weight of my sin
The weight of my loss and my pain
Relief swells
Like air in my lungs
And freedom releases my shame

   G   Am           G/B C         G            Am    F
Jesus Christ, take our lives, we won't waste another day
  G   Am    G/B    C           G             Am   F
Holy God, fill our hearts, we won't ever be the same

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