He Is Wonderful Chords


He Is Wonderful Chords (Transposable):

B Bm2 E7 Bm2 E7

Verse 1
Bm Bm2 E
All the angels stood trembling at this wonder
G D A/C#
As the Son entered Adam's world
F#m7 Bm2 E/G#
He, the infinite, now an Infant laying
G G2 Em F#sus F#
In the arms of one He made
E Bm
Who imagined on this dark night
E F#sus F#
That the Light of light had come

Em7 G G G6 D
He is Wonderful, Almighty One
D2 Bm7 A G
Salvation's Prince of Peace
G6 G G6 D D2 Bm7 A
He is Wonderful, our God with us, the joy of heaven
Em7 A Bm2 E
He is Jesus
[ chorus]

Verse 2
Bm E
One day, He'll reveal the myst'ry of God's wisdom
In His plan to save the lost
Bm E
He, the Lamb of God, will change the course of history
G Em7 F#sus F#
When He conquers sin and death
Em Bm
But who imagined on this dark night
Em7 F#sus F#
That the Lord of lords had come

G Bm F# Em7 D/F# G A Bm2 E2
He is wonderful He is Jesus
Bm2 E2 Bm2 E2 Bm2 E
He is Wonderful, He is Wonderful, Jesus, Jesus