Healing Grace Chords


Healing Grace Chords (Transposable):

Eb Bb/D Eb Fm11 Eb Bb/D Eb Cm F/A Bbsus Bb
Merci - ful God and Father, loving us like no other,
Ab Bb Ab Gm7 Cm7
Hear our prayer the cry of our hearts,
Fm7 Ab Bbsus Bb Gm7 Cm7 Fm7
As we come to You; We acknowledge our transgressions,
Ab/C Bb7 D Eb Cm Bb Ab2
We confess to You our sins, show us mercy and compassion,
Eb/G Ab Fm7 Bb Eb
Touch our lives with Your healing grace again.
Bb/D Eb Fm11 Eb Bb/D Bb Eb

Bb C Cm Bb C Cm7 Gm7 Ab2 Ab Bbsus Bb Ebsus Eb Bb/D
Release us from the past, as we seek Your face
Bb C Cm Bb C Cm7 Gm7 Fm11 Fm7
Wash us free at last, we receive Your love,
Eb Bb Bbsus Bb Ab Eb2 G Eb/G
We receive Your healing grace.
Fm11 Fm7 Eb Bb Bbsus Bb Eb
We receive Your love, we receive Your healing grace.