High Above All Things Chords


High Above All Things Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
C Am
Give me a passion to see Your Glory
F Gsus
A heart that worships You alone
C Am
Cleanse me forgive me for my self seeking
F Gsus G
That I might seek to make You known
Am F
I want to serve You I want to please You
D Gb F
My one desire is to

G Am F C
See the Name of Jesus lifted high above all things
G Am F
And the knowledge of Your Glory fill the earth
G Am
To see the Name of Jesus
Lifted high above all things
Dm7 C/E F G
And a fragrant offering ascending to the King
C F Am F
In every place

Verse 2
C Am
Your Heart Your Passion to give all nations
F Gsus
Gladness and joy in Jesus Christ
C Am
Rivers of blessing mercy and kindness
F Gsus
Purchased by Your great Sacrifice
Am F
So we join our voices to sing Your praises
D Gb F
Our one desire is to