Higher (Empires Fall) Chords


Higher (Empires Fall) Chords (Transposable):

E A2 E A2

        E                      A2
Empires fall, but You're still standing, 
         E              A2
You were there from the beginning
           E                  A2                  B
And You'll be there when this life on earth is done
          E                A2
Kings and kingdoms will be shaken, 
         E                  A2
shooting stars, each one is fading
      E                    A2                  B
Jesus You're still shining brighter than the sun

          C#m           A               E
You are higher, You are higher than all rulers, 
than all powers
        C#m             A         B
Rock of ages You're the hope that remains
    C#m               A
The beginning and the ending, 
    E              B
everlasting, never ending
      C#m         A            B
(And) Jesus we're held in Your hands

You're the treasure that's worth seeking, 

in Your presence there is healing

Jesus when You speak You set our hearts aflame

So be the first one that we run to, 

be the rock that we hold on to

Turn our hearts to seek Your kingdom and Your fame

E/G#        A2            Badd4     A2
You are the fortress that will not be shaken, 
E/G#        A2              Badd4
You are the strength of our hearts
E/G#        A2               Badd4      A2
You are our rock, You're the hope of this nation, 
E/G#         A2          Badd4
and we will trust in You God

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