Holy Is Our God Chords


Holy Is Our God Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Bb Eb2 Cm7 F
Lift up His Name within the sanctuary
Bb Eb2 Cm7 F Eb
Lift up His Name among the people who are gathered
Here to sing His praise
Eb F
Who are gathered here to sing His praise

Bb Eb F
Holy is our God, holy is Your Name
Eb F Gm F Bb Eb
Mighty are Your works and deeds and wondrous are Your ways
F Eb F Gm F Bb
All that You have made shall return and give You glory Lord

Verse 2
Bb Eb Cm7 F
The earth the sky the sea and all within them
Bb Eb Cm7 F Eb
This universe beyond the sight of mortal men
Bb Eb F
All subject to His reign, all creation subject to His reign

Verse 3
Bb Eb2 Cm7 F
The great I Am, no end and no beginning
Bb Eb2 Cm7 F
You were and are and evermore You shall be
Eb Bb Eb F
All my days are in Your hands, all my days are in Your hands