How Big Small Can Be Chords


How Big Small Can Be Chords (Transposable):

Bb Bb C7 Bb Ebm Bb Bb

Verse 1
Bb Bb C7 Bb Ebm Bb
My hands cannot hold the world
But they can help someone in need
Bb Bb C7 Bb Ebm Bb
My cash could never end hunger
Bb/D7 A
But it'll help someone to eat

Pre-chorus 1
D7 A G7 Cm7
And it may seem insignificant but lately
Bb/D Ebm F7
I think that somes we forget

Bb Dm7 A Gm C7 G Cm7 Ebm
Just how big small can be, it doesn't have to be all or nothing
Bb D A D Gb Gm C7 E Cm7 Bb/D
How big does small have to be for us to do something
Ebm F Bb Gm
And find how big small can be

Verse 2
Bb Bb C7 Bb Ebm Bb
A fire starts with a flame
It's not hard to see its attribution
Bb Bb C7 Bb
A storm comes with just one drop of rain
Ebm Bb Bb D7 A
And it only takes one, one man to start a revolution, yeah

Pre-chorus 2
D7 A G7 Cm7
So if it seems insignificant then maybe
Bb/D Ebm F7
I think that we are prone to forget

Gm C7 Cm7
What if one person changes one person
Bb D7 D7 Gb
Is that worth the
Gm C7 Cm7
What if one difference makes all the difference
Bb/D A D7 Gb Gm C7
And we start to find

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