I Waited Patiently Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Dm Dm
I waited patiently, You turned and hear my cry
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
And then You lifted me out of the mire
Dm Dm
You set my feet on rock, a whole new life for me
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
And now You've given me a brand new song to sing

Bb Gm7 Dm11
You, You were there when I was lonely
Gm7 F
You, You gave Your love to me
Gm7 Dm11
You, You put the pieces back together
Bb Dbdim7
You have set me free

Verse 2
Dm Am7
I can't forget Your love, how You've forgiven me
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
Now You've redeemed my life from all the sor - row
Dm Am7
My soul finds rest in God, hope comes from the cross
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
A strong and true refuge, and my salva - tion

Bb F/A
You heard my prayer, You listened to my cry
Bb F Dbdim7
You heard my prayer and I've been lifted up

Verse 3
Dm Am7
My life it used to be unclean, things visible and unseen
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
But I have now been treated as I deserve to be
Dm Am7
High as the heavens above, such is the depth of His love
Dm Gm7 Am7 Bb C
So now I lift up my soul and praise my Saviour