In Righteousness You Reign Chords


In Righteousness You Reign Chords (Transposable):

F Bb/D C F Eb F Bb Eb Db/Fsus C F

Verse 1
Bb Dm7 C F Bb Dm7 C Bb C C Ab
No one appointed You, they can't vote You out or in
Db Fm7 Eb Ab Db Fm7 Bb C F
No one can take Your place, for You have always been
Bb Dm7 C F Bb Dm7 C Bb C C Ab
You are the Most High Judge, Your laws are just and true
Db Fm7 Eb Ab
Your Word will never change
Db Fm7 Eb F
You can't be overruled, because You are

Fsus Eb F Fsus Bb C D Dm Bbsus C Bbsus F
God of creation, High Priest and King
Fsus Bb F/A Fsus Bb Fsus
Ruler of the nations
Fsus G Fsus C F C
Lord of everything, in righteousness You reign
Bb/D C F Eb F Bb Eb Ab Fsus Eb F
Bb/D C F Dm7 Gm7 Dm7 Dsus E A7 Dm

Verse 2
Bb Dm7 C F Bb Dm7 C Bb C C Ab
All things belong to You, You're worthy of our praise
Db Fm7 Eb Ab
Soon every knee shall bow
Db Fm7 Eb F
And every tongue proclaim that You are

Am7 Dm Am7
You went away as a humble sacrifice
Bb Csus F Fsus Bb Csus A
But You'll return with fire in Your eyes
Fsus Bb Csus F
A weapon in Your hand
Fsus Bb Csus A Csus F Eb Ab Csus
To execute Your Word and enforce Your comm - and
Lord You are

In righteousness You reign
C F Bb Eb F Bb Eb Db
In righteousness You reign
Bb C F
In righteousness You reign

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