It Is Not Death To Die Chords (Transposable):

D/F# G2 Asus Asus D/F# G2 Asus Asus

Verse 1
D G2 Asus D/F# G2
It is not death to die, to leave this weary road
Bm D A
And join the saints who dwell on high
Em7 Asus
Who've found their home with God
D G2 Asus
It is not death to close
D/F# G2
The eyes long dimmed by tears
G2 Bm
And wake in joy before Your throne
Em7 Asus A
Delivered from our fears

Bm Asus G2 D
O Je - sus, conquering the grave
Bm D A Em7 Asus A
Your precious blood has power to save
Bm D/F# Em7 G2
Those who trust in You will in Your mercy find
Bm Asus D/F#
That it is not death to die
G2 Asus D/F# G2 Asus Asus D

Verse 2
D G2 Asus D/F# G2
It is not death to fling aside this earthly dust
Bm D A
And rise with strong and noble wing
Em7 Asus
To live among the just
D G2 Asus D/F# G2
It is not death to hear the key unlock the door
G2 Bm
That sets us free from mortal years
Em7 Asus
To praise You evermore

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