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King Of Every Heart Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
G G F# G F C2
You rule with justice in Your hand
G G F# G F C2
But You judge with mercy in Your heart
G G F# G F
You bring healing to the broken ones
C2 G G F# G F C2
And strength to the weak, but You still have for me

G D/F# C2 G D/F# C2
And You alone, will be our home
G Am7 G/B C2
Your hand is strong enough to save us
F C2 G G F# G F C2
We will bring our lives to You with elation

Verse 2
G G F# G F C2
Your love is bigger than our fear
G G F# G F C2
Your grace more powerful than sin
G G F# G F
Your heart is open wide to everyone
C2 G
And You let every captive in

We'll live with heaven in our eyes
We'll work as light here in the dark
We'll dare to live Your kingdom come, Your will be done
'Til You're the King of ev'ry heart

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