Lord It’s True Chords

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Lord It’s True Chords (Transposable):

C2 G C2 G

Verse 1
C2 G
If you abide in Me and My words abide in you
C2 G
Ask what you desire, it shall be done for you
By this my Father's glorified,
C2 C2#11 D
That you bear much fruit, and you'll be My disciples
C2 D
And as He loved Me I'll love you

G C2
Lord it's true, You have always been there for me
Em7 C2 D
It was You, who chose me and not I You
G C2
For without You, Lord I could accomplish nothing
Em7 A7sus C2
I can see You abide in me and I in You
G C2 Em7 C2 D A7sus to ending
Lord it's true

Verse 2
C2 G
These things I have spoken that your joy may be full
C2 G
That you would love one another as I have loved you
Greater love has no one
C2 C2#11
Than he lay his life down for a friend
D C2 D
And you will be My friend if you do as I command you


G A7sus
I can see you abide in me
G A7sus
I can see you abide in me
C2 C2#11
And I in You, I in You, I in You, I in You
And you'll be my disciples

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