One Hope Chords

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One Hope Chords (Transposable):

C G/B Dm7 Gsus4 G

Verse 1
C G/B Dm7 G F F
One hope one voice one light we see
C G A Am7 Bb Gsus4 G
One body one heart one destiny

G#°7 Am2 F C2 E F2
We are Joined in Your body joined in Your blood
C G F G G F C C C2 Em7
Eternally united by Your love

Verse 2
C G/B Dm7 G F F
One promise one dream one life to live
C G A Am7 Bb Gsus4 G
One promise one faith one life to give

Ab Bb Ab C G D/F# Dm7 Em7 F

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