Our Father Has Won Chords (Transposable):

F Gm F Bb2 F Bb2 F F Gm F Bb F Bb F

Verse 1
F Gm F Bb2 F F Gm F Dm F C
Reviver, Father, Friend, You made our hearts to beat again
F Gm F Bb2 F F Gm F Dm F C
A new creation song, You gave us joy to sing again

F Gm Dm
Once broken and guilty, now drowning in mercy
Bb F Dm C
Our curse is undone, our Father has won
F Gm Dm
In bondage no longer, now free sons and daughters
Bb F Dm C
Made whole by the blood, our Father has won

Interlude 1
F Gm Bb2 Bb2 F Gm Bb Bb

Verse 2
F Gm Bb F Gm Dm C
Eternity restored, unveiled our eyes to see again
F Gm Bb F Gm Dm C
So let the anthems rise, allowed tonight to dream again


Interlude 2
Gm Gm Bb Bb F F C C

Gm Bb
All hope restored, our lives reborn
Created for Your glory, glory
Gm Bb
All shame has fled, our faults lay dead
F c
Oh God You've said You're for us for us


F Gm Bb Bb F Gm Bb Bb
F Gm Bb Bb F Gm Bb Bb F