Our Generation Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
We are living for revival, start with me
Set apart to raise the standard, called to purity
C Em
Jesus be our true ambition, ev'rything for You

Verse 2
There's a vision in us burning
The has come for the power of Your kingdom
To see Your will be done
And the world will not contain this
Fire in our hearts, fire in our hearts

D Em C D
Our generation can see a nation changed
Em C
For Your glory turn us around set us apart
D Em C D
Your liberation will see a nation changed
Em C Em
For Your kingdom we cry freedom
Em Dsus4 C
Freedom, freedom, freedom
Em C Em G/B C
Freedom, freedom, freedom

Verse 3
You have spoken You have promised
We believe signs and wonders love and mercy
Will change society
Could we see it in our life
Greater things to come, greater things to come


It's Jesus' blood flowing in my veins
And we don't care if you think we are insane
We're on another level we march to a different beat
Freak freak they shout at us in the street
I'd take a bullet for my brother or my King
Lay down my rights shake up mediocrity
And I would give up my life
Wreckless for the poor and oppressed
We couldn't care less about the way we are dressed
I'm obsessed with this fire passion
Burning in my chest
The world cannot ever hold us down
Radical holiness marks us from the crowd
Come on let's dream dreams
We could be the ones to set the nations free
Revival generation come on
Revival generation that's me


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