Rain Of Heaven Chords


Rain Of Heaven Chords (Transposable):

E Am E

Verse 1
E Am E
Let the rain of heaven be poured out in this place
Let the earth be flooded
Am E
With Your mercy and Your grace
C#m7 B A
Open up the heavens in this place
F#m7 Bsus B
Let it rain let it rain

Verse 2
E Am E
Lord our hearts are thirsty, our passion is renewed
E Am E
Longing for the waters that only come from You
C#m7 B A
Open up the heavens in this place
F#m7 Bsus B
Let it rain let it rain

Pre-chorus 1
A E/G# F#m7 E/G#
'Cause I am thirsty for the water
A E/G# B
That only comes from You

E B/D# A E/G# B
Come now oh Holy Spirit, rain down rain down
E B/D# A B
Thirsty for a touch from heaven, rain down on us
E Am E E Am E

[Verse 2]

[Pre-chorus 1]

Pre-chorus 2
A E/G# F#m7 E
Flowing from that mighty river
D C#m7 B
That flows out from Your throne


A E/G# A C#m7 B
Here we are waiting with one heart, one mind and one accord
F#m7 E A E/G# D C#m7 B
Let the fire from heaven fall on us now with power to overcome


Am E E
Rain of heaven fall

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