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Send It On Down Chords (Transposable):

G7 Am G G7
Send it on down, send it on down,
C7 G7
Lord, let the Holy Ghost come on down;
Am G G7
Send it on down, send it on down,
G7 B C6 Gm D Am D G D C D G
Lord, let the Ho - ly Ghost come on down.

Lord, we're your children,
C7 G7 C G
And we are asking, for You to send your fire!
Our hearts are hungry, our spirits are thirsty,
A7 Am7 D D B7 D#
We need to feel Your power!
Em7 B7
Just like the prophet said it would be,
Em7 G A A9 13
In the last days an outpouring we'd see;
Am7 G/B
Yes, we are waiting, anticipating.
G A A9 13 C D
Lord, won't You send the Holy Ghost down?

C7 G G7
Heavenly Father, hear our call, let Your Holy Spirit fall;
Send down the power, let it fall like rain;
A D2sus D7+5
As we lift our praises to Your name!

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