Shalom Jerusalem Chords


Shalom Jerusalem Chords (Transposable):

Bm G D A Bm
Sha - lom, shalom Jerusalem, peace be unto you;
G Bm
When Messiah comes to take us home,
G F#sus F# Bm
May His praise be found in you.

Verse 1
Bm Em F#sus F# Bm
Pray for peace, Jerusalem, city of our God;
Em Bm
There salvation was poured out for you,
G F# Bm
The atoning of the Lord.
Em F#sus
Once your streets were filled with joy,
F# Bm
Branches raised up high;
Em Bm G F# Bm
Shouting blessed be the Holy One, Yeshua T'Adonai.

Verse 2
Bm Em F#sus F# Bm
Israel beloved, Ephraim, my son,
Em Bm
How my heart would thrill to hear you say,
G F# Bm
Our Messiah has come.
Em F#sus F# Bm
O, my brothers, hear these words, may they pierce your soul;
Em Bm G F#sus F# Bm
Turn again to worship Adonai, Meshi - ach you will know.

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