Sing Redemption’s Song Chords


Sing Redemption’s Song Chords (Transposable):

Intro 1
Bm G D

Intro 2
Bm G D Bm G D
I was lost, I was desperate and broken
Bm G D Bm
Wounded heart and the wounds were still open
And that's the way You found me

Verse 1
Bm7 G D
Turn the page by Your hand
Bm7 G D
Yesterday washed away as You write in the sand
Bm7 G
My accusers where are they
D Bm7 G D
One by one in the silence they all walk away

A A7 D Bm7
And I will worship You for all that You are
A6 G
And all You've done for me
D Bm7 F#m7 G F#7
As long as I live I'll sing, I'll sing redemption's song
F#7 b9

Verse 2
Bm7 G
Weeping comes in the night
D Bm7 G D
But there's joy, blessed joy in the morning sky
Bm7 G D Bm7
Now that I, I belong to the One
Who has given the words to the song

Bm A/C# D B/D# Em C/E F#/A# F# G#m7 b5 G F#sus F#
Bm7 G D

Bm G D

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