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Sinking Deep Chords (Transposable):

A     A/C#   A     A/C#   D     D       E  

A                      A/C#    A                A/C#
 Standing here in Your presence in a grace so relentless
D                  E
I am won by perfect love
A                           A/C#  A                        A/C#
 Wrapped within the arms of heaven in a peace that lasts forever
D                    E
Sinking deep in mercy's sea

    Bm   F#m   A    
I'm wide awake, drawing close
E                    Bm    F#m         E
Stirred by grace and all my heart is Yours
    Bm    F#m     A
All fear removed, I breathe You in
  E           D
I lean into Your love
                 A     A/C#   A     A/C#   D   D     E  
      Oh, Your love
                 A   Bm   F#m   D  
      Oh, Your love
                  A   Bm   F#m   D  
      Oh, Your love

A                      A/C#  A                         A/C#
 When I'm lost You pursue me  Lift my head to see Your glory
D                  E
Lord of all, so beautiful
A                   A/C#    A                  A/C#      
 Here in You I find shelter  Captivated by the splendour
D                     E
Of Your face, my secret place


       A A                    Bm
 Your  love so deep is washing over me
             F#m                   D D 
Your face is all I seek, You are my everything
A                        Bm
Jesus Christ, You are my one desire
              F#m                 D     
Lord, hear my only cry to know You all my life

A   Bm   F#m   D       



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