Unaware Chords (Transposable):

F2 A Bb2 Csus G7sus D

Verse 1
C7sus Bb G7sus D
Forgive me if I stare but I am taken back
C E F2 Cm Eb
That You would let me here regardless of my past
G7sus D Db
Oh my hands are shaking now but I catch my breath somehow
Csus C
Oh I am free at last

F/A Bb2 Csus Dm7 F/A Bb2 Csus Dm7 F/A
Unaware of my fears unaware of my shame
Bb2 Csus Dm7 F/A Bb2 Csus Dm7 Bb2
Nothing else matters here but glorifying Your name
Unaware of ev'rything
Dm7 Bb2 F2 Dm7 Bb2 F2 Dm7 Bb2 G7sus D
Knowing You're aware of me
F Dm7 Bb2 C
Unaware of ev'rything knowing You're aware of me

Verse 2
C7sus Bb G7sus D
Tell me how I got here I couldn't make it on my own
Bb2 Cm Eb
Just tell me I can stay 'cause it feels so much like home
G7sus D Db
And I lose all of
D Csus C
When I look into Your eyes Your love is all I know

Bb2 C
I'm aware I'm in a place I couldn't be
If You weren't there to call my name and rescue me yeah yeah

I'm unaware that I still breathe unaware of ev'rything
G7sus D Bb2 F2
Knowing You're aware of me
F2 G7sus D Bb2