Wake Up, My Soul Chords

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Wake Up, My Soul Chords (Transposable):

Wake up, my soul
Em7 A7sus4 A7 D
Worship the Lord of truth and life
Have strength, my heart
Em7 A7sus4 A7 Bm7
Press on as one who seeks the prize
F#m7 Bm7
I'll run for You, my God and King
F#m7 G
I'll run as one who runs to win
A7sus4 G
I'm pressing on, not giving in
A7 D
I will run, I will run for You, my King

Bm7 F#m7
And Spirit come, give life to us
G A7sus4 A7
Come breathe the Father's love in us
Bm7 F#m7
Won't You fill us once again
G A7sus4 A7
And we will run and run with Him
Bm7 F#m7
We'll run with strength, with all our might
G A7sus4 A7
We'll fix our eyes on Jesus Christ
Bm7 F#m7
He has conquered death and sin
G A7sus4 A7
And we will run and run and run with Him

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