We Humbly Bow Chords

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We Humbly Bow Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Bb2 C2 Bb2 D C2 E Gm11 Am11 Dm
We humbly bow before You now, we lift our lives up to You;
Gm11 Am11 Bb2 D C2 E
On our knees we bring our humble offering
Gm7 Am7 D2sus D2 F#
Of worship and honor and praise.

Gm7 Bb Dm C C Am7 Dm7
Boldly we come to Your throne, O Father,
Gm7 Bb Dm C
But only by grace can we come;
Gm7 Bb Dm C C D2sus D2 F#
We've been bought by the precious blood of the Lamb.
Gm7 Bb Dm C C
We lay down our lives before You,
Am7 Dm7 Gm7 Bb Dm C
Je - sus, we willingly give You all;
Gm7 Bb Gm7 C A7 C# D2sus Dm
As humbly at Your feet we fall.
Gm7 Bb C Gm C F
For it's the highest place of all, O Lord.

Verse 2
Bb2 C2 Bb2 D C2 E
On this holy ground our hearts bow down
Gm11 Am11 Dm
Your awesome splendor overwhelms;
Gm11 Am11 Bb2 D C2 E
But there is no fear, for Jesus, You are here,
Gm7 Am7 D2sus D2 F#
Your shed blood has made us a way.

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