We Will Go Chords


We Will Go Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1:
                 Em            C
Just like the ones who came before us
                  G                   D
Just like the ones who gave their lives
                    Em                C
Lord, we will leave this place with You
                 G            D
And we will go, we will go
                Em              C
Just as You came to earth from heaven
          G                     D
Humbled Yourself to give Your life
          Em               C
We want to follow and obey You
            G                D
So we will go, we will go

               G                    D
Light of the world, You've shown on us
                    F                       C
You've filled our hearts with hope that reaches out
                G              D
Friend of the lost, Saviour to me
                 G                D
(Friend of the lost, come burn in me)
          F                  C
Make me a flame, set me on fire to be 
A light in the world

Verse 2:
             Em                C
Just as they prayed to You for power
               G                        D
That they'd be bold to speak Your word
           Em                      C
Father, we ask that You would fill us 
         G            D
As we go, as we go
             Em                C
Just as they asked You for salvation
               G                     D
Just as they prayed for kingdon signs
               Em                  C
Lord, would You send us with Your spirit
      G                D
As we go, as we go

Repeat chorus:

Set me on fire, Lord, make me a flame
Release revival, please do it again... 

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