Because He Lives Chords


Because He Lives Chords / Audio (Transposable):

 Bbm   Gbmaj9     Db   Bbm   Gbmaj9      Db

Verse 1
     Bbm          Gb  Db5    Bbm          Gb     Db5
 I believe in the Son,   I believe in the Risen One
     Bbm        Gb Db5 Db/F
 I believe I overcome
 Db5/Ab   Gb         Bbm  Absus
 By the power of His blood

  Gb   Ab Bbm   Ab/C Db    Ab/C     Db      Gb      Absus
 Amen, A---men, I'm alive, I'm     alive, because He lives
 Db Fm  Gb   Ab Bbm   Ab/C   Db   Ab/C     Db       Gb  Absus
 A-----men, A---men, let my song join the one that never ends

            Bbm   Gbmaj9    Db   Bbm   Gbmaj9     Db
 Because He lives

Verse 2
       Bbm         Gb    Db      Bbm        Gb        Db
 I was dead in the grave,  I was covered in sin and shame
         Bbm          Gb Db Db/F  Db/Ab
 I heard mercy call my name
    Gb         Bbm     Ab
 He rolled the stone away


            Db    Gbmaj9       Absus
 Because He lives I can face tomorrow
            Db     Gbmaj9       Absus
 Because He lives, every fear is gone
   Db/F    Gb       Bbm     Ab           Gb
 I know He holds my life my future in His hands




            Bbm  Gb        Db           Bbm  Gb        Db
 Because He lives            Because He lives

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