You Are My Creator / Holy Is Your Name Chords

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You Are My Creator / Holy Is Your Name Chords (Transposable):

Bm7 D2 A E

A F#m7 D2
To a King who made the sky universe opened every eye
Cause all men to be redeemed all the earth and even me
A F#m7 D2
Every heart be opened wide may our God be glorified
Let His praises resound King of Glory love come down

Bm7 Dm
Let all the Earth rejoice and lift a shouting voice

A F#m7
You are my Creator I'm gonna sing to You forever
Bm7 D
Let the world proclaim holy is Your name

Bm7 D
You're in my mind You're in my heart
A Esus
You're always near You're never far
Bm7 D
You bring me joy You give me peace
A Esus
You love the world and even me

Yeah, holy is Your name
no chords
Holy is Your name

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