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C#m B A E

Verse 1
C#m B A
What a joy I feel to think about forever
Esus4 E
I'm a child of God with blessings from heaven
C#m B A
By Your side day's always brighter
Esus4 E
The Ho - ly One, my Master, my Father

F#m7 C#m7 A E
I will dwell in Your courts, I will sing for You
F#m7 C#m7 A B
You're my deepest love, Jesus, I love You

E A C#m7 A
It's a love song I sing, it's an anthem from my heart
E C#m7 A E A
All praises to the King from the depths of my soul
C#m7 A B C#m7 A
I adore You, my Saviour all praises to the King

Verse 2
C#m B A
I am not alone, Jesus You're with me
Esus4 E
You washed me clean with hands full of mercy
C#m B A
You're a resting place for all who are weary
Esus4 E
A perfect place and a new beginning

C#m B A E C#m B A B

B C#m7 A
All praises to the King

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