Bloom Chords (Transposable):

Gb Gb Gb Gb

Verse 1
Gb Gb/Bb B
This world is gonna try to break you, it's gonna try to make you
Gb Gb/Bb B
Stay in the box, be what youre not, but don't let it
Gb Gb/Bb
And you might trip up along the way
And youll deal with your fair share of pain,
Gb Gb/Bb B
You can't let it steal your hope and dont let it wreck your faith

Gb B
Nothing gonna keep you down forever,
Ebm Db
Nothing gonna change whats true
Gb B
The bad days will come but theyll make you better
Ebm Db
If Hes who your heart runs to
Gb B
Give Him every inhale, every exhale
Ebm Db
And just watch what He can do
Gb B
When you give Him the hurt and you give Him the pain
[ Ab7 in ]
Db Gb
Hell use the rain to make you bloom


Verse 2
Gb Gb/Bb
I want you to know that Hell use you as you are
B Gb
So don't be afraid to show off your heart,
Gb/Bb B
Love every scar and remember
Gb Gb/Bb B
It takes to get where you're going but Hes there in every moment
Gb Gb/Bb B
When it's tough, don't give up, and keep on believing


Ebm Db Ab7
And believe me when I tell you youre not through
Ebm Db Gb
Doing everything He put you here to do


Gb B Ebm Db Gb
Watch Him use the rain He'll use the rain to make you bloom