Clean Heart Chords


Clean Heart Chords (Transposable):

F#m D A Esus E
F#m D A Esus E

Verse 1
A E F#m E
Holy are You Lord and holy are Your ways
A E F#m E
Yet in love's regard how easily I stray
F#m C#m D E
Come renew my mind, make my heart more pure
A E A Asus A
May my life be wholly Yours

Verse 2
A E F#m E
Nothing is my own so nothing can I bring
A E F#m E
Simple words alone the praises that I sing
F#m C#m D E
Might this worship song from a contrite heart
Now reveal Your mercy Lord

E E7 F#m D E E7 F#m
Higher than the heavens above, deeper than the sea
D Bm7 A E
Is all my Father's love, is all my Father's love to me

F#m D A E Bm F#m E E
F#m D A E Bm F#m Esus E

Verse 3
A E F#m E
Soft the words I hear now whispered from on high
A E F#m E
Sweet Your mercies fall on every wandering child
F#m C#m D E
O what love is this O what power of grace
Changing me to greater things


F#m D A E
F#m D A Esus E A