Colorful Chords (Transposable):

Bb Bb Cm F Gm Gm F Eb Cm

Chorus 1
You are beautiful in all of Your ways
Cm F Gm
You are colorful in the way that You save me
F Eb Cm
In the way that You give me life

Gm Bb
From the heights of heaven to sea below
Eb Cm
You came to tear down the doors of our imprisoned souls
You lift the weight of the world
F Eb Cm
Give the world what our heart's longing for
Gm Bb
We see the mercy of undeserved love
Eb Cm
We see Your perfect heart as You remake us God
Gm F
We see You as You are not as we've made You to be
Cm Eb
You're the maker of all our hopes and dreams

[Chorus 1]

Interlude 1
Cm Eb Gm Bb Cm Eb F

Bb Gm F
We give you everything we give You all our love
Cm Eb
We love You beautiful King
F/A Cm
You're what our hearts longing for

Chorus 2
Savior Father Maker
Cm F/A
God of new and sovereign life restarted
Gm F
Remaking changing desperate hearts
Eb Cm
Of sons and daughters found our Father

Interlude 2
F F F Bb Eb Bb Cm Gm Eb Bb/D Cm Gm Eb Bb/D Cm


[Sing chorus over tag]