Come Back Home Chords


Come Back Home Chords (Transposable):

G C2 G C2 G C G C

G C2 C Em7 C Am7
So Come back home You've been gone far too long
G C Em7 C Am7
Forgiveness waits in this place You once called home
G C2 G C2
G C Em7 C G C Em7 C G C2 G C G C2 G C2

Verse 1
Em7 D C
Never abandoned or forgotten
Em D Am7
You are never on your own
Em D2 C2
You can't use up all this mercy
Em D2 Am7 C2
It's a love that won't let go

Verse 2
Em7 D C
Are you running from the safety
Em D Am7
Of all you used to treasure most
Em D2 C2
Do you find yourself pretending
Em D2 Am7 C2
Things have turned out like you hoped yeah yeah

G C2
It's the strongest love the greatest grace
Em7 Am7
Can you see mercy running