Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Chords


Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Chords (Transposable):

Eb   Eb   Eb/Bb   Eb/Bb  

Eb                                                  Bb
Come Thou long expected Jesus born to set Thy people free
Eb                                 Bb                     Eb
From our fears and sins release us, let us find our rest in Thee
Eb Ab    Eb           Bb   Cm     
Israel's  strength and consolation 
Eb Ab   Eb      Bb
Hope of  all the earth Thou art
Eb Cm         Ab    Eb                    Bb      Eb Eb 
Dear desire of every nation, Joy of every longing heart

Eb                                                Bb
Born Thy people to deliver, born a Child and yet a King
Eb                          Bb                      Eb
Born to reign in us forever, now Thy gracious kingdom bring
Ab       Eb    Bb    Cm      Ab      Eb      Bb   
By Thine own eternal Spirit, rule in all our hearts alone
Cm               Ab     Eb                    Bb           Eb
By Thine all sufficient merit raise us to Thy glorious throne

        Bb       Eb     Ab Eb  Bb
And rejoice, rejoice, Immanu - el
        Bb       Cm       Ab            Eb/G
And rejoice, rejoice, and glory be to God
            Ab                             Eb
       And glory be to God in the highest
           Fm          Eb         
       And glory be to God 
           Fm           Bb
       And glory be to God  
          Eb/G        Ab                 Eb
       Oh glory be to God in the highest



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